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More Stoke. Good Morning Miyazaki selected for 2013 London Surf Film Festival!

Bussin' in Costa Rica. 


November is looking like a Film Festival kinda month. Stoked to have been selected for the Florida Surf Film Festival. Looking forward to being there and then racing back to Japan for the Yokonori Film Festival as well.


Yokonori here we come! Stoked to be a part of this  film festival for surf, skate and snow movies. 

I've heard good things and can't wait to get up there in November to screen Good Morning Miyazaki! 


Fresh colors / El Camino Ts

We've got some new colors out for our El Camino T. Lime Green Girls and Indigo Mens. You can find them at Treasure Isle in Kiyotake or on theTreasure Isle webstore www.treasureisle-japan.com Coming soon to our webstore too!



New Kid's Ts!

Check out our latest kid's size t-shirt. T's come in size 120 in Banana color!


Good Morning Miyazaki - Official Selection at the SAL Surf at Lisbon Film Festival 

Stoked to announce Good Morning Miyazaki has been selected for the SAL festival in Lisbon, Portugal. Looks like a sick festival. The line up of films is awesome and we're humbled to be a part of it! Nice to get our first foreign festival under our belt as well! Wish we could be there in person! For more on SAL click here!

Miyanichi feature on Good Morning Miyazaki - Sunday June 9th

Fukuoka Premiere at Coffee Time Cafe! 

We had a great night up in Itoshima on Saturday night! a great crowd turned out to enjoy some film and live music action. Thanks to everyone who came out, we hope you enjoyed the film as much as we enjoyed hanging out with you! Very special thanks to Shibasaki-san and Tomoko for organizing the event for us. Thanks Shohei for coming up! Thanks to Jesus for Mcing and rocking and thanks to the Lads from Miyazaki who made the last minute trip up to put on a great live show. Shige, Kuni, Mibo, Hiro ARIGATOU!

GOOD MORNING MIYAZAKI on DVD - Available now! 

Fukuoka Premiere! You coming?

It's good be surfing again. Matty Westcott out of the office and into the awesome. 

 Photo by Takashi Fujino

What's Noa Deane up to these days? 

 One greasy Kaeda morning



Always was Awesome.

 Three days on and we are just recovering from a great night at Always Cafe. Thanks again to the Aya, Masaru and the rest of the staff for hosting a sick night of film and music. 


Good Morning Miyazaki screening at the Always Cafe renewal party

Looking forward to being part of this event. Should be a very enjoyable evening out on the town!  See you there!

 Surf Film Festival 2013 ZUSHI

Stoked to have just been added to what looks like a great lineup at  Surf Film Festival Tokyom Chigasaki and Zushi


Check out this little interview we did for NHK TV last week

DBFilms on NHK Interview from DBFilms - Good Morning Miyazaki on Vimeo.


Good Morning Miyazaki Premieres in Downtown Miyazaki

 Thanks to everyone for coming out to our premiere last Thursday night、たのしかったよ!It was a great turn out and the energy was awesome. We are stoked so many people came together for it and celebrated what makes Miyazaki a sick place to live and surf! If you missed out on the show don't worry, there's more screenings on the way so stay tuned. 





Good Morning Miyazaki is comming soon!!

Que Rico with the master Outa san and staff
Test screening at Que Rico in Osaka Japan


Noa Deane is hot as a pistol these days!


Heavy Vibin'



 Spring's here, travel well.

Good Morning Miyazaki Sticker Stoke


 Hiroshima Carp vs. Samurai Japan at Miyazaki Sun Marine stadium - Feb 17th 2013

Good Morning Miyazaki - Official Trailer! 

Lunch time self Portrait - With Thomy back in Canada for the time being it's me myself and I.


January Storm Swell

Got some pumping swell from the North two weeks ago, this is what it looked lke at Uchiumi. 



Thomy's Duster.

 Thomy sported a beauty of duster for Movember and quite frankly just hasn't looked as good since. 




Editin' Baby! heard something about us given' up on our little project recently. The beard, kinkan seeds, stink in' bowl of Nutto, nicorette gum and coffee cup should suggest otherwise:) Hard at er' Folks! 


Bali Webisode Part 3 

Working on the re-edit of all the Bali footage we shot last May. Here's part three of a little series of webisodes we did last summer. Should be a banger seggy in the film!


Big Pimpin' on the Isle 

 The Pink Strat is Born - a Thomy Time-lapse




A short story from Thomy.



You seen the screen grabs, now here's the "reel" deal. Hawaiian Gold - a Good Morning Miyazaki webisode


More 8mm golden oldies 

Screen grabs from some vintage Miyazaki 8mm gold



 Digitizing 70's gold 



Working on our 74' 8mm projector, getting ready to transfer some awesome film. 


Matty's mid Movember Mo.



 Half Priced Bento - A short film about Noa Deane's travels in Japan

Check this fine piece of work out. The surfer is Noa Deane from the Gold Coast of Australia. We were lucky to have him around Miyazaki during some good swell back in October and he'll be featuring in our Good Morning MIyazaki. The filmmaker is Noa's buddy Mikey Mallalieu. Good lads we were stoked to meet and shoot with. Enjoy Mikey's edit of their trip to JP and get ready for more Noa in Good Morning Miyazaki!



Jack and Al 

Jack Coleman's trippy-ass cut from his trip to Japan with Alex Knost back in July. Cameos by myself and a few other Kaeda locals. 


November 12th, 2012 - South Mouth pumpin', Thomy smilin' 


 "It's my life!" 


The one, the only, Abo.


  Riaru is a Gun

Riaru Ito, without a doubt one of the most gifted surfers in Miyazaki. The natural ability, wave knowledge, fearlessness and style this kid possesses at the tender age of 10 is rare. He destroys ankle high waves, but is also comfy surfing with the pros in triple over head conditions! I get so stoked when I watch this kid surf! Go Riaru!



The Boss and his ride.



The Uchiumi harbour wall on a beauty October morning.