(click on the photos to access galleries from each day)

Bali Day 1.5 

The mission is Bali is underway. Click on Jun's barrel to see more images from Day 1.5 and check in daily for more.









DAY 2.0

Check out some pics from Day 2.0 in Bali. Super fun day with Jun and Shogo. The waves weren't huge but the lads got it done. Click on Shogo's head to see some more pics









Bali Day 3 + 4

Day 3 wasn't great for much except relaxing, resting and feeding fish. 

Day 4 the morning provided some nice waves and nice light and we got some shots!










The last few days........

Click on Shogo to see pics from the last few days. 













Bali Finale 

 The mission to Bali is complete, here's a few pictures from the final days of the trip. Video coming soon!